CHAPTER 5 (Schuurman)

– GI Systems, full form Geographic Information System, is a system used to capture, process, manipulate, analyze and model a data. This computer deals with geographical data and is widely use to capture spatial data in either vector or raster form. GIS can show multiple data or maps within one map which makes easier to compare and analyze for people.

– GI Science is a discipline that deals with geographic data which works towards increasing the efficiency of capturing and manipulating data. GI Science is a field where scientist and scholars are working to change the way people’s view towards GI Systems. In simple words, as mentioned in Schuurman’s GIS: An Short Introduction, GI Science is the theory that underlies GI Systems.

The number of GIS users are increasing and people are more interested and excited about GIS nowadays. If GIS is taken seriously and done more research on improving the GI software, this


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