2) Reading Notes/Comments

Schuurman GIS

Chapter 1: Introduction to GIS


– GIS is not only based on Cartography but has the ability to express knowledge in visual form. GIS allows the visualization of spatial by utilizing fuzzy data.

-In the past GIS was only used to manage data and map distribution but now its has been extended to model different data and use the model to predict future events.

– Nowadays, GIS is used in wide range of areas such as agriculture, transportation, hydrology, remote sensing, etc.


– The first chapter gives the insight of GIS and its applications. It is fascinating to know how every thing in the world today are dependent on the model generated by the GIS.


-Since GIS also uses not so pristine data, how do they set the boundary conditions in such data and how much sure can we be about the result that we get by mapping the data?

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